Concrete Sandwich Walls

Concrete Sandwich Walls are typically built in three layers: center core of EPS, Extruded Poly-Styrene, with the outside layers of cement. Since the EPS has an R-Value of 4.2 per inch, wall thickness vary to obtain the desired insulation values. Foundation walls, those below ground, need additional lateral strength and only need two inches of cement to withstand the lateral forces applied by earth movement. Above ground a one inch thick layer suffices to withstand 100 mile/per hour wind loads and vertical weight of the building.

This picture shows a typical K-Panel anchored to the footer. It is constructed of "off the shelf" material and is assembled on site.

Here is a foundation stem wall which consists of an EPS core of five inches with an R-Value of 21. Two inches of cement will be applied to both sides; the wire mesh acts like rebar reinforcing steel to fortify both vertical and horizontal strength. The steel trusses placed between the 12 inch high EPS are attached to the wire mesh to give an extremely strong Concrete Sandwich Wall system.

Since the foundation walls require two inches of cement thickness, forms can be used and filled by hand with a softer cement mixture. Care must be given to tap the walls frequently to minimize air pockets that leave voids in the wall.

This garden level foundation provided a great base from which to build the rest of the wall.
Once the forms were removed, we were able to backfill around the outside walls and provide a better construction work area.
In floor heating is not difficult to install and it provides a very pleasantly heated living space.
Having the foundation walls in place and cemented, permitted us to pour the slab. This gave us a clean environment to continue building the K-Panel walls.

Above ground the thickness of the EPS was increased to 7 inches while the cement layers were reduced to one inch yielding a sturdy wall with an R-Value of 30.


Stucco This project in Longmont Colorado used the K-Panel system and the cement layers were applied by hand.
Stucco Stucco was easily applied over the cement walls and provided a very pleasing finish.
Wolfram Kasemir, developer of the K-Panel System, discusses construction options with Merline Van Dyke, structural engineer and expert in the development of Concrete Sandwich Walls.
Several large buildings have been built it the Denver Colorado region using Con create Sandwich Walls.
Large project require big guns. Shotcrete is used on this office building in Littleton Colorado.